12-Feb 2018
Major Updates
There are Few Major Updates we are introducing today in server.
To read about it, Jump to detailed view of Changelog here

22-Jan 2018
Shue Level Display
Players' Inventory details on Board of Heroes page will now contain the information about their shue inventory as well.
You can check that by clicking on any players' name on Board of heroes or you can also lookup your own character name.

19-Jan 2018
Auction and few Converters Shifted ingame
The Auction page has been removed. All the active items from auction have been claimed back to respective sellers. To make items trading for premium coins more
easier, 2 new items have been introduced for 50 and 500 premium coins. Their working is same as eCoins. Players can get the item in eshop for 50/500 PC, but on right
click ingame, there will be a 10% deduction and players will receive 45/450 pcoins in their account.
Secondly, Gold converter has also been removed, and the Gold bar ingame are now right clickable(Gold S/M/L), and will deposit respective gold points into your account.
To buy ingame Gold bar for gold points, you can simply purchase respective gold bar from our eShop.
Buy Lore option from ACP has been removed. A set of 10 Lore scrolls is now available in eShop for 1Gold. Each scroll will get you 10,000 lores on right click.

26-Oct 2017
RB 17 update and few small tweaks
The new RB 17 Quest has been launched. It is in 2 parts. Check Clorence Teleport for quest. Name: 2nd Hamutz Secret
RB17 Crafting details can be checked from website Rebirth Guide Section.
Some small changes have been made in Wrecked Grnita(POST RB10 leveling map). The creeps are same as old Grnita and the quests are updated accordingly.
God Boss Map A1 has been updated. The Boss will drop an important crafting ingredient (called Recipe of Immortality) of RB17.

13-Aug 2017
Few Map and Quest changes
Made changes in Tao map. It is now replaced with new Map, Wrecked Grnita
Old Tao Quests are replaced with new Grnita Quests. And monsters have little high parameters.
RB 10 above people can now levelup in new Map.
Invisible Larc and God Larc are added in MOR shop.

29-July 2017
RB 16 Update
RB 16 has been released and the crafting details are updated on our Guide portal.
RB 16 Quest can be taken from Rameda (Hatrel NPC)
The quest is in 3 parts and reward of all 3 parts are necessary for RB item crafting.
Make sure to check revised crafting success rate of DTE, which is used for RB Item crafting.

26-July 2017
Grnita Park RB Restriction -
To Avoid High RB people spam PKing low levelers, Players above level 160 or RB 10 will not be able to enter Grnita park
RB10 above players can Level up at newly updated Map named Taoudruimos (Hatrel).
Quest is with same exp as GP quest, and is in 2 parts. It can be acquired from Kinstone and Linsen.
Make sure that you have updated your game client.

24-July 2017
Map RB Restrictions -
Many Maps are now restricted as Per current RB of the players. This feature will be helpful in future Nevia Wars and events for Low RB players.

Quest item Drop rate Changes -
Few Tweaks in Quest Drop Rates of RB quests.

9-July 2017
Rebirth Requirement additional restriction
While taking rebirth, it is now mandatory that you must finish or quit any active ongoing quest.

7-July 2017
Auction Trade Charges Added for Premium Coins
Players Selling items on auction will have to pay a 10 % commission to the server as a Trade charge.
This Means if you sold an item for 1000 Premium Coins to another Player using Auction,
Buyer will be paying 1000 Premium Coins but you will get only 900 Premium Coins
Please note, the 10 % commission charges is only applicable to Premium Coins trade. Coins and Gold Trade will be the same as always.

7-July 2017
Dog Race Dividends Fix
Players will now get Dog race winning amount at the normal Dividend Rate.

7-July 2017
Webshout Price Change
Webshout will now cost 3 coins per Shout.

3-July 2017
Players can now look at others' inventory and equipped items.
From Board of Heroes, clicking on any players' name will allow you to see his inventory and equip along with stats and Recent PKs.
For example: click here

30-June 2017
New quests added
Level 30 to 79 : Kinstone and Linsen
New 2 part Aura quest: Rhembard [Hatrel Storage Manager]

28-June 2017
Cistinct & Hauntey, Napolitaner crafting items added in MOR Premium shop
New OP conversion system:
Online points to OP1 item -> 5000 Online points
OP1 to Online points conversion -> 4000 Online points

25-June 2017
Increase in creep count in Aura quest maps.
Slight changes in RB pattern above RB13, RB 16 and above will be introduced in coming weeks.

23-June 2017
Added Stabilizers/Catalyst in MOR Premium shop

22-June 2017
2 Aura quests added, Easy & Hard
NPC: Dellua, Elpuron/Billero

19-June 2017
TP Location Tweaks, teleport near Hatrel and Clorence NPC

16-June 2017
A3 Ultimate Server Relaunch. Special Larcs removed, Runes and basic item NPC Price increase
Crystals/Stabilizer/Catalyst removed from NPC
Changes in MOR Premium shop