Meet the Team

The Geeks who control the herd.

Please note : None of these can change a bulb.
Because its a Hardware problem.

Meet the Team

We are a group of ex-gamers who came up with an idea to marry the game ;)

Pritam Soni

- The Dumb Admin

This Guy makes good things bad and bad things worse. Never satisfied with other's perfection and can find a loophole in almost everything. Keeps getting the admiration from others for all the hard work done by the team and never even cares to share the credit. He still managed to keep the team togther using black magic. But still he is the one who manages to find a way out of every problem.

Chaitanya Joshi

- The Brogrammer

This guy is always busy doing nothing. He have an unimaginable ability to eat enough food in an hour which can weigh double his body weight. He is the geek who will suffocate to death if the computer refuses to turn on. Although he is a very impressive learner and have a double capacity storage device in his brain. The team is nothing without him.

Vikram Sangat

- The Web Magician

He have done too much codiyapa in his life. He is a Chair magnet if it comes to work and he can spend days without food or sleep until his CODE is perfect. But beware, He have the ability to honeytalk you to do the same. He is a workaholic and he just wants to have it all at the same time. He works so bad that it takes the other team members hours just to fix his spelling mistakes. Anyways, He is the one man army when it comes to the web development. We would never be what we are if it was not Vikram.

Jokes apart, This small group makes a Perfect team and will never let you down. Happy gaming :)

For Any Assistance, Give Us a call at this Number : +91 95555 11 333

(Only For Indian Players)