A3 ultimate beta V 0.9.0

A user friendly way to manage your character and make your self known to others.
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Welcome to A3ultimate beta.

What is new that we are working on ? ?

Faster way to serve your requests

We have shifted to light weighted Material Framework to provide players a faster way to communicate. To get their work on website done easily. We have also reduced the time spent for searching the game information to single place called A3Ultimate Guide. Where all information about A3Ultimate server is available on a single click.

Confused? Where you are??

To all those lonely new old players, for you we got something special. We call it Ingame Guide. Its a new way to figure out how you want to play A3ultimate.
Do you like bossing only? Are you a good helper? What have you done till now in this game?? All of these things will be posted here.
Don't worry its players only section where players will manage/trade their knowledge and learn new ways to Kill those "DAMN GOD BOSSES". No GM will interact over here its a players only section. You Got new way of leveling? Post it. You find out we can use new items? Post it . You know how to kill more in game wars? Post it . We are your last support in the end.

How to buy all the good stuffs??

Don't have enough money for goods? A faster and secure payment getway is now available for Indian and Forgien Players as well . Take a look at it Right Here.

Like to exploit people?

Why don't you start enjoying your victories? After all you earned it. Not for RC PK player's but all time famous The Ultimate Gallery is opening shortly. So it will be worth a wait.